Empower Network, scam or legit opportunity?

There are a million articles….ok almost an exaggeration, but there are an enormous amount of articles and blogs and all kinds of garbage out there about this company.

I want to set the record straight.

And how am I going to set the record straight?

Read on…

First, let’s talk about whether Empower Network is a scam. And if we’re going to do that we first have to define what we’re talking about when we say “scam”.

A scam is “a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle,” according to dictionary.com.

In other words, it’s a person, or persons that are out to take money from people and provide nothing in return.

So let’s talk about the Empower Network Scam.

There are person’s involved, two of them actually, that started this thing and they are definitely getting money from people. But so far, that doesn’t make it a scam.

They do provide something in return from the money they take, but let’s have a look at that.

What is it they provide and what use is it to you and me?

Are we getting something worthwhile?

Well, what they provide is, well, we could say information. There is no actual physical product. There is no tangible “thing” that you can lay your hands on, like a nutrition shake or a knife set.

So we look at the information that they provide. Is it useful?

There are countless ways to try to make money with the internet.

But how many people actually make any money from any online “opportunity”?

Do you really think that you, yes you, are actually going to profit from the internet?

Come on, really?

Give your head a shake…and give it another one.

Wait. Let me say here that you probably can make money online. You could sell t-shirts, you could try adsense, you could sell stuff on ebay like beard oil…you could even try youtube and a whole host of other options.

If you’re lucky, and I mean phenomenally lucky, you might make some good cash. But chances are if you make anything at all it might be enough to fill your gas tank.

So what do you do?

Give up?

But you’ve heard about people making money online and making a lot of it.

Is all that just bs, propaganda, lies?

Well, a lot of it is, but not all of it.

Is it difficult to find something that actually works?

Damn straight!

Does it take work to sift through all the crap that’s out there?

You bet.

And that’s where the big problem is.

You, yes I’ll be blunt, you don’t want to do the work that you need to do to find the right opportunity that is actually authentic and can provide you with a real chance at success.

So let’s see if Empower Network and the actual Empower Network Products are something that is in fact a real opportunity.

And I’m not going to get into detail about the Empower Network Products here. As I said earlier, there are Empower Network blogs and Empower Network reviews in abundance that you can get that information from.

Let’s use an analogy to compare this with.

If I go to university, I’m going to pay thousands of dollars for an education. I don’t actually get a tangible, physical product for my money, do I?

No, but I do get something that will give me the opportunity to find a really good paying job, right?

Well, actually that is in question, but let’s move on positively.

This job that I’ll eventually get because of my university education will provide me with an income. Hopefully a good income, a limited income albeit, but an income nonetheless. Unless of course there’s a downsizing or merger or layoffs; nothing really is all that secure these days, unfortunately.

So if we compare it to what the Empower Network products provide we see a little bit of a difference. Well, actually quite a difference.

You spent your money on a university degree say, in engineering. The company you’re with decides to downsize because technology has, well, let’s be honest here, has made you’re position…obsolete.

But you have a university degree in engineering, right? No problem. You’ll just find another company and get a job there. But technology hasn’t affected just the company you were with…

OK, I don’t need to spell it out for you.

Back to the comparison.

Marketing. Yes, marketing. Where did that come from?

That’s what you need to do in order to find another job.

You need to market yourself. You need to promote yourself to tell prospective employers that you are better than that other guy…than those thousands of other people looking for the same position that you are.

What are the Empower Network products? They are all about marketing.

And that is the future of, well, pretty much everything.

Marketing, sales, promotion. That’s where your future lies. Whatever your endeavour. Whatever your future aspirations. It all hinges on marketing, sales and promotion…of yourself.

And that brings me right back to Empower Network.

Empower Network Scam? I don’t think so.


Because the products that EN sells are the exact products that you need to promote yourself and be THE BEST candidate for any position, to sell any product, to promote any service.

And the best part about this whole thing is that you can market the Empower Network Products themselves and make that your business!

So if you’re looking for a job, a better job, a way to promote your business, or a new business opportunity altogether, your time will be well spent looking into Empower Network.

The Most Natural Way To Boost Testosterone Levels With Abs After 40

The Abs After 40 program shifts our attention from the ordinary workout fads to higher levels of fitness awareness with particular focus on men over 40. In every sense, the program is designed as a timeless awakening for aging men who are often afflicted by belly fat, hormonal imbalances and other fitness problems. What is Abs After 40 Program? In broad terms, this is a program that is customized for men above the age of 40 who wish to reclaim their muscular appeal by getting six-pack abs and multiple health benefits. Remarkably, the program is rich in the details of workout and diet information for the targeted men. The overall intention is to help the intended beneficiaries to acquire ripped and toned bodies through very effective techniques. (If you’re after 40 and looking for a career change that is lucrative and friendly, check out this career review blog).

Abs After 40 Helps The Workout Difficulties That Face Older Men

abs after 40 reviewOne outstanding advantage about this program is that it acknowledges the unique workout difficulties that afflict men after the age of forty. First, most mainstream workout programs are designed for aggressive young people with high testosterone levels. Beyond the age forty, many men begin to lose a significant percentage of their testosterone, which makes it tough for them to build muscles and sustain a normal sex drive.

Besides, such men have also lost the stamina to sustain the usual intense workout programs that are clearly not suited for them. In acknowledgement of such truths, this program provides a unique fitness program that targets the reduction of visceral belly, which also helps in reversing the loss of testosterone.

Working Out And Proper Diet With Abs After 40

The Abs After 40 review program has a comprehensive coverage that includes nearly every aspect of men’s fitness needs. Much attention is directed towards specific workout programs that aim at helping men to regain perfect fitness. The program also instructs its audience on certain workout programs they should avoid.

The recommended training programs have a proven capacity to enhance the loss of belly fat and promote the conversion of fats into muscles. Those who pursue the details of the program will boost their testosterone levels and block the production of estrogen. The programs also contains information on the best foods for testosterone production such as whole eggs, fish and avocados.

The Advantages

* The program contains customized diet support for men’s fitness.
* Targeted beneficiaries achieve fitness within a short period.
* The program is designed to improve men’s general health.
* The details include workable solutions for belly fat.
* The program promotes healthy lifestyles for men.
* It does not impose punitive diet restrictions.

The Disadvantages

* The beneficiaries must invest long term commitment.
* The program may disrupt accustomed lifestyles and habits.

The Final Verdict: Is Abs After 40 For Me?

Overall, this program is profoundly uplifting in terms of the general improvement of men’s life. Many men begin to experience multiple health and fitness problems after the age of forty. They can even experience muscle and hair loss. Belly fat, weight gain and a significant drop in the production of testosterone are some of the common challenges that affect aging men.

One remarkable advantage about this program is its resourcefulness in detailing the right and wrong practices about diet and workout, which all men should know and follow.

Working Can Be Easier And Much More Productive With Geniux Brain Enhancer

Nootropics are drugs or supplements meant to improve the overall function of the brain.

Most of them have very few non-serious side effects if any and are mainly aimed at providing the user with long lasting mental boost. Some of the most common benefits that users enjoy include improved memory, determination, attention, mental dexterity and one’s behavior. Most of the supplements are made from extracts of compounds that are vital in improving the physical and mental processes.

What Are Nootropics And Its Benefits?

Nootropics reviewToday, most people are still skeptical about Nootropics and their benefits in the body. To many, nootropic benefits seem too good to be true. People however need to understand that these supplements will not make you an overnight genius. In fact, they rarely make people geniuses. One needs to give these supplements time for the results to start showing for which even then, they might not become geniuses.

What they do is that they will help you improve your overall mental health and for those in luck, they will give them a better judgment. What Nootropics do is that they lessen the flaws in your brain which may or may not make one smarter. It is therefore wise to take these supplements with an open mind that one may or may not become smarter. The one certain thing is that Nootropics will improve your overall mental health.

How Nootropics Work To Improve Brain Performance

The human brain has billions of neurotransmitters and synapses which join all those neurons. This are the ones that are majorly responsible for controlling people’s minds, how one thinks, one’s moods, memory retention, mental alertness, ability to focus, recollection, behavior as well as other mental processes like sleep. Boosting some of the chemicals in the brain and lessening other can help improve the circulation of information throughout the brain resulting in an improved overall performance in the areas of mental recollection, awareness, behavior and general mental alertness. These supplements are also known to help fight off the conditions that come with old age due to mental fade; for instance, dementia.

Geniux And Other Nootropics For Different Functions

Some of the Nootropics are known to improve the general flow of blood in the body. Blood is the sole transporter of oxygen to the brain. This means that one’s brain will be well supplied with oxygen and other nutrients which will improve its overall performance. A brain well supplied with nutrients will lead to improved memory retention and recollection, not to mention improved mental alertness.

Some other Nootropics are known to aid in the process of neurotransmitter regeneration. This means that you are able to replace the neurotransmitters that die off due to old age. What this means is that one’s memory does not have to deteriorate rapidly just because one is growing older. This means such people will have a better use of their memory for longer.

Other nootropics like geniux, made up an advanced brain formula that includes vitamins, antioxidants, and nootropic compunds such as manuka honey, caffeine, eleuthero extracts, propolis, make it 100% natural. The objective of this special nootropic product is to boost brain performance and ensure a sharper, smarter mind.

The above are some of the many benefits that Nootropics users will get to enjoy. The most important thing to remember is not to expect overnight success. It may take some time for the actual results to be noted. It is therefore important to be patient

Is Swissgolden Just Like the Troubled Rurally Developed Start-up Emgoldex?

Maybe you’ve heard, but gold-selling MLM company Emgoldex is suffering its share of legal problems lately.

Specifially, Emgoldex Team USA has pretty much been shut down on allegations of fraud brought on by the Massachusetts Attorney General (they’re registered in Andover, MA).  Also, Emgoldex Philippines is in trouble with the SEC, although Emgoldex HQ denies any affiliation with Emgoldex Philippines (you’re on your own, buddy!).

What we want to know is whether Swissgolden, who also sells gold bars via a table-based recruitment structure, will soon suffer the same fate as Emgoldex.  After all, the two companies are extremely similar.

Swissgolden, Emgoldex, What’s the Difference?

There’s a handy YouTube Video showing how similar the two companies really are.  Their payout structures are almost identical, although the video points out that Swissgolden is a better deal.

But we’re not looking at either company as potential money makers today…we’re here to find out if Swissgolden will soon be investigated for the same things for which Emgoldex finds itself under scrutiny.

The basic similarities according to this Swissgolden review:

  • You pre-pay for your gold.
  • You only get paid when you fulfill “marketing requirements”, which is other words for recruiting requirements.

Seems if there really was a true product structure, you’d pay for your gold and get your gold, straight up.  What if you just want to flat-out buy some gold bars?  Can you just pay full price and get your bars, without entering the wait-and-recruit system before getting your product?

The answer is no.  The whole  point is to recruit.  You cannot simply buy gold…you must “invest” in Swissgolden and be placed in the recruitment structure and only after filling some tables with recruits will you realize your investment. Similar to the compensation plan of popular MLM Digital Altitude, recruit 2 people, and hope they and subsequent generations do the same until your matrix is full, and then you get your investment back.

When Recruitment is the Point…

Doesn’t sound like a product-driven system, and the Massachusetts Secretary of State agrees on that count, as far as Emgoldex USA is concerned.  That office has filed suits against the owners of Emgoldex USA because it reeks of “Pyramid Scheme”.

The actual charge is  “fraudulently” (their words) offering and selling unregistered securities in Massachusetts.  They are supposed to register as broker-dealers, broker-dealer agents, investment advisers, or investment adviser reps.  Just to be fair, the term “fraudulently” refers to the fact that they’re not registered, not to their product.  The lawsuit does allege that Emgoldex Team USA is a Pyramid scheme and that’s the bottom line for Swissgolden.

So, if Swissgolden operates under the same structure is it only a matter of time that they too are under investigation?

The trouble for investors is, even if a company wins such a case, the terms of the lawsuit dictate that they cease and desist immediately all actions.  That means, if you’ve invested and are currently working on filling your tables when that cease and desist order comes through, you’re screwed until it all gets settled.

Chances are, you won’t be getting that money back and even if you do, it won’t be any time soon.  Can you spare (investment amounts for entry into the Swissgolden structure) $230 or $10,369 to be tied up indefinitely?

Rural Development Company Profile #1: Tucson Exterminating

If you know our story, you know we love showing companies who’re actually making a difference (responsible rural development) while taking names in their industry.

Our first company that we’re stoked to profile?

Tucson’s pest control mogul, Tucson Exterminating.

Not only do these guys honor veterans, give military discounts and only use eco-friendly pesticides, they’re also committed to go completely solar and green with all of their warehouses.

So, how does their business work? Think you’ve got a termite problem? It’s easy to do, with roughly a dozen species of termites living our fair state of Arizona. The truth is: not all the termites you see are actually home invaders- that should calm your nerves if you’ve recently spotted termites around your home. There’s a chance the ones you see aren’t interested in your home at all…but how can you tell?

Here’s a handy guide to getting to know the termites of Tucson. We’ll cover the species you’re most likely going to encounter around your home and in your yard, but remember only a pest control professional will be able to identify with certainty the type(s) you’ve got crawling around your property.

But it’s always good to know your termites if you’re a homeowner, so take a look below. We’ll start with the ones that cause the real damage:

1. Eastern Subterranean Termites (Reticulitermes). These are the nationwide terrorists that plague homes from New York to Tucson to California. They’re responsible for most of the termite control dollars we Americans spend each year, and can invade your home in numbers quite difficult to fathom.

If you have Eastern Subterranean termites, call a Tucson pest control specialist right away.

2. Native Termites (Heterotermes).Although more commonly found in the Sonoran Desert than Eastern Subterranean termites, these native termites are easy to spot because they create horrifying “drop tubes” of dirt from infected ceilings. Again, call your pest guy right away if you see these spooky tubes anywhere in or around your home.

3. Desert Termites (Gnathamitermes tubiformans). If you live in Tucson, then you’ve probably seen desert termites more than once in your life! They’re everywhere, especially after a rain or during Monsoon season. Look at a pile of dead grass and you might see them. Look at some loose clay after it rains, and you might see them. Look at a cactus that’s fallen over, and you might see them. It’s a plain fact: they’re everywhere.

They’re not typically in homes, thank goodness. That’s not to say you have your home checked every so often. Desert termites like dry conditions, whereas other types like moist conditions. Sometimes manufactured homes will have Desert Termites in their crawl spaces.

They’re even considered beneficial to soil, since they break down organic matter into soil nutrients. They even have a beneficial effect on the levels of carbon and nitrogen in the environment*. Predators include skunks, who get tons of nutrients from the Desert Termites.

Even though it’s pretty tough to distinguish termite species in general, it’s relatively easy to know when you’re looking at a Desert Termite. They’re larger and they come out just before sunset during summer. Subterranean termites, on the other hand, swarm during Winter and Spring… (as told by this utah real estate site).

So now when you see termites, you’ll know not to panic if you suspect all you’re looking at is a Desert Termite. Of course it’s best to be safe, and call a professional the first time you see termites, even if it’s just to confirm that you don’t have a problem…you’ll sleep better!

*Source: Texas A&M Agrilife Extension “Desert Termites”